Shopping Bag Set in Butterflies Cream and Red

Get all that shopping home with no fines and no fuss! Trolley-Dolly is a neat, lightweight set of bags.  A printed outer bag with extra useful features, such as a shopping list window and inside FIVE tough washeable shopping bags and TWO net bags for fruit & veg.

Easy, compact and lightweight our solution to the endless issue of bags in your boot, or remembering to take them in the first place is solved. 

We also add a Trolley token, so you never get caught out in the car park.


Bags Inside:

3 x VEST-STYLE SHOPPING BAGS with long handles so you can tie your bags shut and stop all your shopping rolling around in the back of your car. These bags are made of super-strong, super-light, strength-tested polyester and can carry over 13.7 kg each. Machine washable at 40º. (Size including handles is 73 x 43 cm, handles approx. 23cm high)

2 x BOX SHOPPING BAGS - invaluable for packing square-shaped and boxed items at the checkout. Brilliant for pizzas, cakes, lasagnes and all the things you want to keep flat. No more crushed and creased food! Our Box Bags are fantastic for clothes shopping too! Machine washable at 40º. (Base of bag 68cm x 27cm, height 31cm, handles 60cm to go over shoulder)

Please note – Our box bags are designed to carry bulky but lighter weight items. Please do not overload the bags.  Ideally they are used for items such as clothing and toiletries in general shopping or for boxed foods, cereals, cakes, flatter bulky items.  They can carry books etc. but do not excessively pack the bag. We do not advise you carry bottles or large quantities of tins in these bags.

2 x NET BAGS FOR FRUIT & VEG - This is a starter set of nets. They are Simulant A tested which means they are safe for not only washing your fruit & veg in but also for storing it in the fridge. No more wet and sticky veg in plastic in the fridge!

Clever Features:

There are loads of other clever features:
• Trolley-token - Never get caught in the car park without a pound coin again!
• Adjustable shoulder strap - The outer bag can be worn across the body so you can be hands-free, or loop it easily on a pram.
• Fastens to the trolley - The clever design of the outer bag with its velcro flaps means you can attach the bag to the handles of the trolley in the supermarket.
• Handy pockets - The Eco Trolley-Dolly® has secure pockets inside for your store cards, car parking ticket, and wallet.
• Clear window pocket - This pocket is perfect for your shopping list and any coupons or vouchers you don't want to forget!

Other Uses:

• It will fit an iPad and all your chargers and cables.

• People tell us they are great as a lunch tote!

• Slip your wallet in the inside pocket and pop out for a sandwich and some retail therapy with all your shoppers on you. 

• Works great as a childcare bag too! Pop all the necessary instructions and key telephone numbers in the front pocket and simply hand one bag with nappies and bottle in it to whoever is in charge. They can keep their phone and wallet inside and can be hands-free with the shoulder strap or pop it on the pram.

• The outer bag is incredibly lightweight at 240g (less than a packet of butter!) and makes a perfect handbag. Not only does it have an invaluable handy pocket for things that need to be remembered but its weight is a huge plus.  A bag for all ages!

Now you can customise your Trolley-Dolly® by adding extra top-up bags! Add the extra bags you need from our range of Box Bags, Net Bags and Re-usable bags. 


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