Fruit & Veg Net Bags (5 Pack)

NEW! Get your 5 a day! 

These strong net bags are great for the green grocers, farmers market or supermarket, or if you want to add extra net bags to your Trolley-Dolly. The squeeze toggle closure means they are quick and easy to use.

Our Fruit & Veg Net Bags have been Simulant A (water) safety tested so you can buy, wash and store your fruit & veg in them happily. Unpackaged veg is better for you, makes less waste and saves you money. Unwrap your pre-packaged veg and store it in a net bag - it will last longer and air in the fridge!

These bags have so many brilliant uses.  They even make a great bag to wash your socks in! 

These are the perfect addition to your Trolley-Dolly®!

35 cms wide x 28 cms high

* please note net colour and string colours may vary from time to time.



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