Eco Shopping Bag Set

Trolley-Dolly® - The Ultimate Bag of Bags! Be plastic bag free forever! 

Trolley-Dolly® is the world's first, patented reusable eco bag kit.  A lightweight, compact set of foldable, durable and washable shopping bags.  Save money, save space and save time!  Be plastic bag free and SAVE £26 a year after the plastic bag levy arrives in October 2015 (*based on average household use of 10 bags per week).  Let's stop using unnecessary plastic bags. Use your Trolley-Dolly in the supermarket or for all your other shopping needs.  ULTIMATE FEEL GOOD SHOPPING! 

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* video shows a larger version (now sold out of the  Trolley-dolly) we only made one film as it takes a very long do....  and we love it so much we kept it on here! The functionality of the Eco 8 bag set is just the same but there are less bags.  Hope you like our film anyway... 

Trolley-Dolly Patent and Trademark

Shopping Bag Set in Butterflies Cream and Red

Shopping Bag Set in Butterflies Cream and Red